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Propulsion & Power Systems Maintenance & Repairs

We primarily provide these services for diesel engines where we will maintain the power system, examine it on a regular basis and troubleshoot issues effectively.

Remanufacturing of Engine Parts

We offer an extensive range of service for remanufacturing of engine parts which can bring significance to cost saving and more sustainable but with the same quality.

Propulsion & Power Systems Full Assembly

We perform evaluation and inspection, disassembly, performing necessary tests and adjustments to ensure the system is functioning properly and meeting performance standards.

Onboard Maintenance & Repairs

We provide onboard maintenance and repairs where we have a planned maintenance programme that will be executed regularly.

Condition Testing & Quality Assurance

We follow the industry’s best practices and guidelines — we create a maintenance plan, conduct frequent condition testing which is essential and implement quality assurance measures to ensure that the systems meet required standards onboard.

Supply of Spare Parts & Ancillary Services

We ensure that equipment and machinery continue to operate smoothly and efficiently with our experts in supply chain management, from identifying required parts, sourcing, ordering to maintenance documentation with trusted suppliers.

Engine Load Testing & Repairs

Our highly trained technicians have the capability for engine load testing and repairs in regard with the current requirements by the government.

CNC Machining

We are capable to assembly the components, build the system foundation according to specifications, correctly align components, commission and test of the system to creating document that includes maintenance logs and warranty details.

In-Service Support & Fleet Management

We are capable to operate by carrying out maintenance, repair and overhaul, diagnostic, spares and supply chain management, and overall product support.

Disassembly & Cleaning

We ensure that the disassembly and cleaning procedures are carried out properly using the environment friendly substances.

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