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Enra Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd

Providing high performance services, efficient solutions and create savings on MRO across various strategic industries and applications.

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ENRA Energy Solutions (EES)

We provides maintenance, repair and overhauling (MRO) activities for critical rotating equipment, primarily large-scale diesel engines and ancillary equipment, across a variety of industries such as oil & gas, agriculture, marine and others.

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Malaysia's leading and renowned diesel engine MRO service centre

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul of Rotating Equipment

We provide maintenance, repair & overhaul for rotating equipment mainly diesel/gas engines and turbines which includes in service support/fleet maintenance.

Legacy Fleet Operations & Maintenance

We provide operations & maintenance capabilities as well as after-market solutions for aging & legacy rotating equipment through reverse engineering of parts and spare- parts support.

In Service Support / Fleet Maintenance Management

We provide preventive and corrective maintenance and on-site repair support for vehicles and vessels which are still in service.

Precision Remanufacturing

We are capable of remanufacturing of engines, engines components, vehicles and industrial equipment.

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Engineered For Excellence: Your Trusted Partner in Marine MRO Solutions Since 2015

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